Member, Actors’ Equity Association

Little Prince
Jen (right) as “The Men on the Planets” in The Little Prince at The Round House Theatre, Bethesda, MD

Complete acting resume available upon request.

Jen Plants (center) and Irène Wernli in No Feedback at the Rag Factory, London. (photo by Will Jennings)
Jen Plants (center) and Irène Wernli in No Feedback at the Rag Factory, London (photo by Will Jennings)

What is No Feedback? It’s an immersive theatrical event that guides audiences through an imagined world where individuals are categorized in unexpected ways. Playing on the appeal of the language of science, the innate human love of games, and a community’s desire to create a unique identity, audiences are invited to participate in experiments that lead them to consider how easy it is to create “others” out of neighbours. No Feedback personalises the costs and potential endgame in exclusionary politics.


Joan Color
Jen Plants in The Guys at Atlantic Stage
(photo by Lesley M. Etherson and Louis E. Keiner)

“As expressive as her body language is, Plants has a silent stare that is sharp enough to carve a burnt Sunday roast.”

–Willam Westhoven, Jersey Stages
(Fiction at The Bickford Theatre)

“Jen Plants, reappearing in a fresh guise with each sweep of the curtain, brings welcome astringency to this parade of fools, which might have been lifted straight from Candide.”

Louis Bayard, Washington City Paper
(The Little Prince at Round House Theatre)